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About Us

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About Rise Visible

It’s All About Connection

Rise Visible is a disabled/woman-owned digital marketing agency in the stunning Pacific Northwest located in the heart of Eugene, Oregon.

Launched in a small studio in Detroit, Michigan in 1998 as a passion project turned into a solopreneurship in 2001 and then into the award-winning agency it is today. Founded on the belief that creating authentic connections, excellent communication, accessability and inclusivity are the keys to top-level marketing that gets results and aids in the long-term success of any business.

Rise Visible has been named Top-Ranking Woman-Owned Digital Agency by Clutch, Best SEO Agency in Eugene 2022  by Expertise, #1 Oregon SEO Agency by Design Rush 2022 and is a certified disabled and woman-owned business.

Rise Visible is a leading agency specializing in Multichannel Digital Marketing Strategy, SEO, Website Design & Development, Digital Marketing, e-Learning Portals, e-Commerace Website, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Marketing Consulting/Strategy.

Rise Visible values heart, transparency, good communication and responsibility.

Our Values

Rise Visible ‘s values are at the heart of our business. 


Our relationship with you is 100% transparent and built on trust.  We provide a clear-cut way for you to check reports, your project, product and will be in close contact for any questions that may arise.

Reliable Partner

Once your partner with us, we have your back. We will be there with you every step of the way and help guide you along the path to your final destination. 


We believe that clear, simple and understandable communication is key to any successful partnership. We are here to help you in every way possible.


We always say, even if our clients don’t like the answer – we are going to tell them anyways. We always want to be upfront with everything, the hard, challenging and good times. 

Brand Time

Great brands are built from great stories and innovations.

We partner with amazing people to help make their dreams some true.

Black and white headshot of Aunia Kahn.

Our Brand Story

Every Brand Has A Story

Our CEO and founder, Aunia Kahn, first developed an interest in digital marketing and website design in 1998.

Her passion turned into a career in 2001 when she lost her job due to 9/11 and the onset of a debilitating and undiagnosed illness that impeded her ability to work in the “real world”.

During those years, like anyone else who has felt isolated, she desired a connection to the community, a way to build identity, and a secure income that she could retain remotely. She fought to be seen, heard, and become part of the outside world even if that meant mostly through digital means. As she built community, she has helped others build their own communities. As she built her identity, she helped others gain a voice and identity. As she attained a solid income, she helped others become financially solvent.

Rise Visible helps small businesses that feel isolated or lost on the digital shuffle get seen, heard, and build communities. We believe everyone deserves visibility.

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