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Press & Media

Here are some of the publications we have been fortunate to be featured in.

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7 Female Qualities That Will Help You Climb the Leadership Ladder

Her Forward (By: Michael Peres)

My Journey Building A 6-Figure Business As A Disabled Woman In Tech

Starter Story

I Have to Live in a Bubble—and Each Day Is a Potential Medical Emergency—but I Am Still Empowered

– Prevention Magazine (Rachel Rabkin Peachman)

Each Day Is a Potential Medical Emergency Due to My Invisible Disabilities—but I’m Still Empowered

– Yahoo

Meet Aunia Kahn

Canvas Rebel

Inspirational Women in STEM and Tech: Aunia Kahn of Rise Visible On The 5 Leadership Lessons She Learned From Her Experience

Authority Magazine (By: Candice Georgiadis)

Interview With Aunia Kahn, Rise Visible CEO

Idea Mensch (By: Stefan Junge)

Marketing Re-Imagined: Aunia Kahn Of Rise Visible On How We Can Re-Imagine The Marketing Industry To Make It More Authentic, Sustainable, And Promote More Satisfaction

Authority Magazine (Drew Gerber, CEO of Wasabi Publicity)

How An Unintended Entrepreneur Was Born Out Of Necessity To Build A 2-Decade Digital Marketing Career, A Founder’s Story with Aunia Kahn

Disrupt Magazine

Common Link Building Mistakes To Avoid

-UpCity (By: Rebecca Lubecki)

Disability Inclusion In The Workplace. How Businesses Make Accommodations For Customers and Employees Who Have A Disability

Authority Magazine (By: Eric L. Pines)

40+ Examples of Adaptability in the Workplace


Disability Inclusion In The Workplace

Social Impact Heroes (By: Yitzi Weiner)

Interview with Aunia Kahn, Founder of Rise Visible

Founder’s Courier (By: Sarah Brown)

As A Woman In a Male-Dominated Industry: The Five Things You Need To Thrive and Succeed as a Woman In a Male Dominated Industry

Authority Magazine (By: Ming S. Zhao)

Entrepreneurs Share Their Best Tips in Being Disruptive

CBNation (By: Ashok)

Social Media Scams: Stunning Statistics and Tips to Protect Yourself

Good Firms (By: Nathan Sebastian)

The Ultimate Software List: 47 Productivity Tools To Boost Your Team

Scribe (By: Lauren Funaro)

Aunia Kahn of Rise Visible On Becoming Free From The Fear Of Failure

Authority Magazine (By: Savio P. Clemente)

More Rise Visible News & Media

Artcile that we have contributed to with our expertise.

Paid Marketing: Challenges, Market, Tips & Future

– GoodFirms

Survey: 57% Of Digital Marketing Entrepreneurs Started A Business Due To COVID-19

– Upcity

Marketing for IT Companies

– Expertise

What should SEO agencies include in their client’s reports?

– Nozzle

Reputation Management Strategies for B2B Businesses

– Upcity

Climate Change is a Double Blow for Disabled People

– Health Policy Watch

Homeownership Programs and Support for People With Disabilities

– Money Geek

Meet Aunia Kahn, founder of Rise Visible

– Springfield Chamber of Commerce

Podcast Interviews

Entrepreneur on Fire

Living a Life of Abundance, Not Scarcity


Disibility Inclusion In Marketing

Entrepreneur’s Enigma

Aunia Kahn On Being A Disability Advocate And Entrepreneur


Sucessful & DisABLED

Success as a Solopreneur with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome

Uncle Marv's IT Business Podcast

The Invisible (but Fabulous) Life of a Disabled Business Owner Aunia Kahn, Rise Visible

Intelligent Conversations

An Artist’s Journey to Never Giving Up” feat. Aunia Kahn

Small Business Society

Today's Talk / Marti Gee

The Boomer Business

Local Domination

The Secrets to Attracting More Ideal Clients with Aunia Kahn

Artfully Told

More Than Work

We’re having a human experience.

Something Rather Than Nothing

How My Parents Raised Me

Happy Talks

Future Fossils

Get Published

Word of Mom

A Woman's Soul Restored

Chats From the Blog Cabin

Contributing Writer

Five Superpowers of Those Living with EDS

– Scary Symptoms

How AI-Generated Art Is Changing Art & Design

– Just Creative

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