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You'll Be In Good Company

Aunia was very helpful to me in the digital marketing arena that I have little knowledge of.
Arley Rinehart

Rinehart Associates Architects

Aunia has provided creative services (design and video) for Lane Arts Council on multiple occasions. She is timely, responsive, strategic, creative, and attuned to our needs and goals. Aunia is great to work with and I highly recommend her for any marketing, design, or creative projects!

Stacey Rae

Executive Director, LAC

I’m extremely happy with the website Rise Visible created for me. I think it’s beautiful and I get compliments on it often. Aunia is very knowledgable and creative with great ideas and style. She’s also very patient and a great communicator, walking me through everything calmly and graciously. I highly recommend Rise Visible to others and look forward to working with them again on future projects.


Artist, Instructor

Aunia designed my web site and she also helped me separate some non-core business streams into a separate e-commerce site, even developing a separate logo to help brand that site. My new site is remarkably easy for me to update going forward, yet flexible and stylish. I’m very happy with the result.

Paul Messink

Coachella Glassworks

It has been a joy to work with Aunia on both a professional and personal level. I approached her with an abstract idea of a website and she wove my ideas with her technical and artistic skills to create a website that expresses just what I wanted. She was able to guide me through a process to clarify what I envisioned and was always patient with me when that would change. I look forward to working with Aunia on other projects in the future. 

Jeya Aerenson, OMD

Right from the first meeting, it was abundantly clear that Aunia is an excellent and gracious communicator. She adeptly listens and is able to hone in on your vision, offering clear ideas, feedback, and suggestions based
on her skill as well as current trends in the online world.

I have worked with Aunia (off and on) over a 4 year span. She has provided website design with thorough implementation, on-going marketing materials, designed and helped find a maker for my board game, social media know-how, and business re- branding.

She comes equipped with useful, current skills, boundless creativity and intuition.

I highly recommend her!

Lisa DiLuna, LMS

Aunia Kahn is a very talented and creative artist, as well as a web designer, writer, and consultant. She listens well when working with clients, and is extremely productive in a short amount of time. She completely revamped my website, and I couldn’t have been happier with the results!  Highly recommend her services!

Jud Turner


Aunia Kahn is a wonderful, skilled and very capable web designer. She is also timely and available for instruction during the first weeks of using the new site. I highly recommend Aunia to design your new web site.

Anna Lawrence

Anna's Haut Tops

Aunia Kahn is knowledgeable and efficient in getting projects done right and on time. She is with you every step of the way and explains the process so you’re not lost crafting your website to your business needs. Highly recommend her.

Mani Price


Aunia Kahn with Rise Visible created my business sign, display sign, and business cards for my new business. She took my ideas and turned them into the most beautiful designs I could have ever imagined! She is an amazing artist and I feel so happy I chose her to do my designs. Needless to say, I am beyond satisfied! I am so excited for them to arrive and put them up! If you need any design work done please use her, you won’t be disappointed!

Chris Mitchell

It was a pleasure to work with Aunia at Rise Visible. She was very understanding and rolled with options I chose even when they were different than what we originally discussed.

Candace Sewell, LCPC

Journee Counseling

Working with Aunia to create both a brand/logo and website to make myself really “official” however was the easy part and a pleasure. From her patience with me as we worked through several logo designs and collaborated on color schemes, was invaluable as a new business owner. She truly tapped into making the finished product a transformation of the “look” for my business I had envisioned I am excited to continue to work with her on an ongoing basis and with upcoming projects and would recommend her to anybody looking for a patient, open minded marketing partner. She really is the best!

Tara Becker

Becker Benefits & Senior Planning

Aunia is an extremely talented designer, marketer, and photographer. Give her a call.
Eric Dreyer-Goldman

Ask Eric Computer Services

I have had the pleasure of working with Aunia on two separate businesses. She updated one website which I love. She also created a beautiful new logo and another website. I found her to be easy to work with and affordable. I highly recommend.

Cindy Ingram

Happy Hill Homestead & Pacific Pubcycle

Aunia was great to work with from the start. She took the time to understand what I needed and did not push me to go further than was necessary for my business website; but she was also thoughtful about encouraging me to think beyond what I wanted now and to consider how I want the business to grow and how the website will support those goals. Aunia has so much to offer beyond expertise in building websites, and her help continues to be invaluable.

Jeff Bandow

BeeBoxing Hives

Aunia worked with my quirky web site needs, building it from scratch. Im a small time artist, and sell my art on line and at shows. She definitely keeps at it till we both are happy. I really appreciate that.

Willy Gibboney

I completely enjoyed working with Aunia. She had great insight about design and catching people’s interest. I look forward to working with her again in the near future.

Meisha Linwood

After decades of running my own businesses and community projects, I have learned the practical value of having the right kind of support at the exact moments it’s needed. I’ve also learned the difficulties and costs of not having the right match for my team. I know that it matters to work with people who can meet me where I am, grasp the big picture, and quickly identify the next steps – and, at the same time, listen and adapt as needed.

Aunia is a genuine pleasure to work with. Her understanding of visual impact and elegant design made a website I still receive compliments on. I know that I can rely on her ability to be direct, poised, and focused. She is responsive and skillful, with an exceptional understanding of how to leverage my digital presence to create a successful business.

We are in a time that asks each of us to come forward with our gifts and, for many of us, that is through entrepreneurial vision. Two things I know about that: 1. Nobody can or should do it alone; and 2. Everyone should have the kind of support and care that Aunia brings to the table.

Elizabeth Russell

DreamFruit Planner

I was happy with the site set up and usability. I also contracted her to do SEO for my site. I feel confident in her work and give her name to others for branding, logo and website development. I feel secure in her ability to create and serve them.

Susan Detroy

Artist & Instructor

Speaking as a 30-year veteran in marketing, I think Aunia is a knowledgeable marketing professional, certainly worth a conversation if you want to improve your digital marketing footprint.
James Albion

Generations Arcade

She was just as down-to-earth, approachable knowledgable, talented, and passionate about accessibility as I. If you have not had a chance to meet with her I highly suggest it.


USBS + CLoud

Aunia is just incredible. She has the heart of gold, is creative, really knows her business and is a joy to work with. She will be there on time, do wonderful work and will always deliver a great service.


Aunia is amazing at what she does. We asked her to make some big changes to our website, and she quickly produced what we were looking for to a tee! Her work is high quality and she is a lovely person to work with in general.

Cade Wolff

Elegant Elephant Baking Co.

I need to talk about the most patient person in the world, Aunia Kahn. I am a lot, y’all know that. I am an indecisive ADHD libra artist with a toddler and dogs always at my side. I can tell the universe exactly what I want with my life but I had no clue where to even start with a website. Aunia was my guide in figuring out exactly what I needed. She took the time to explain everything to me with the pros and cons of all my options. She took all the photography of my current work and built a beautiful way to display my art to the digital world. I appreciate her ability to figure out what I was asking for when I honestly had no idea. I am grateful to have connected with her and feel like someday when we don’t have website stuff to talk about we will have no problem talking about other stories and ideas.

Debra Mae

Fine Artist

It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to get to partner and collaborate with someone of Aunia’s character and expertise. To describe her as a creative genius and talented web designer is just scraping the tip of the iceberg. While working with Aunia I leaned on her and trusted her with every single aspect of my rebranding and repositioning of my brand. Aunia is an amazing human whom I am honored to have worked with. She led me through the why’s, the what-if’s and took the time to listen to my desired end state. After listening to my opinions and perspective, she then applied what she learned and was entirely humble through the process. She didn’t push her ideas or her preferred styles on me, she took any feedback I have, she was a true partner. I can’t tell you enough about how wonderful she is in just one recommendation, it would take pages and pages to encapsulate her level of professionalism and expertise.

Lauren Williams

Workplace Harmony HR

Aunia was an absolute pleasure to work with! She helped me with the design and produce signs on short notice. Our communication was excellent and the way she turned my ideas into reality was spot on. She was very responsive to requests for changes and stayed close to my budget. I’d definitely recommend her for any design project you need!



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