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Website Automations Free Up Time And Keep You Connected To Your Audience

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Creating automations on your business website frees up time while keeping you connected to your clients and customers. The idea of using website automation as a tool is to improve your interactive connections so that you can continue to nurture those connections over time.

Nurturing your business patrons without burning yourself out.

Often business stability is highly dependent on nurturing current and past patrons because it helps them feel connected to the business so they will keep coming back.

Loyalty is important for sustainability and creating automations from your website can help improve that loyalty.

As a business, if we have to manually do every task to stay connected and relevant while trying to nurture our clients and customers we are going to eventually burn out.

Running a business is already hard, but having to manually do everything makes it harder. In this blog, we are going to help you use automations effectively on your website to make your life easier.

Your website is one of the most important assets to your business.

Your website is truly one of your most important assets as a business. if you don’t have one, consider getting one. People do not take businesses seriously if they don’t have a website. Period.

No, Facebook, Etsy, and Instagram are not good enough to be considered your website. Although they are great to have as a bonus. You should leverage those digital and community channels, but they are not going to get you taken seriously as a business.

Having a website serves various functions in your business’s client journey.

Having a website can help you connect in various ways that can help your business create income, sell services, help your clients and customers, promote events, support charity, offers recent press, create authority in your industry, and a way for people to always find your business and know what your business is doing and offering.

Using automation for those processes is imperative to help avoid exhaustion and get things flowing a lot easier for your business.

Let’s jump in and learn about some website automation that can help your business grow, increase income and stay connected to your community.

If people sign up for your newsletter and you don’t respond they forget about you – or worse yet, unsubscribe from your list.

When you don’t respond to new subscribers, it’s a big turn-off.
You should always respond to people who sign up for your newsletter.

When they get an automated message that says something like “Thanks so much for signing up! We’ll be in touch soon,” they feel like they’ve been ignored.

You want them to think of you as a responsive and caring person, not someone who just threw some links into a list and hoped for the best.

Make sure that when someone signs up for your newsletter, they get an email from you within 24 hours thanking them for joining.

If possible, include a brief note about why you’re sending this particular message; it’ll make people feel valued even more than just having their name on an ever-growing list of emails that have been dormant for weeks or months already.

Create newsletter signup forms that integrate into automation.

We are not talking just any old newsletter sign-up form, but forms that once someone submits create a connection to automation.

For example, if someone signs up for “news and insights” about your business, they can just be added to your mailing list or they can be entered into automation.

it is common for forms that subscribers onto a list, but the extra step is to move that subscriber into automation.

Create a dropdown menu.

Perhaps on that form, you have a dropdown with three options to sign up for and one is for a free masterclass. So that they are not only added to your mailing list, they are also added to the masterclass automation.

Once they sign up, your subscriber will be sent an email to give them access to the class, but thereafter will be nurtured by other emails that follow.

The next email might be a week or two later asking them how they like the class and perhaps offering them something else like a discount on other products you have.

This is simple automation, but it keeps the conversation going.

Also, sending out weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly newsletters is another way to stay connected. You can create newsletters ahead of time and have them scheduled to go out over months.

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Create drip campaigns for courses.

Similar to what we mentioned above, a drip campaign is a type of automation that puts out content little by little over time.

Take the masterclass we mentioned above which could be free or paid, but envision it not being a single video or webinar, but a class that has a succession of 5-10 videos.

The person who signs up can sign up via your mailing list, a button on a page on your website, or even through a purchase through an e-commerce store that you run.

Once they have either signed up for free or paid they will be sent into a drip campaign automation. This means when they enter the automation they will get a string of emails over time with each of the videos.

For example, when they sign up they might get video 1, a week later video 2, and so forth. You might also do it daily email for a week. It really depends on how content-rich your content is to create a schedule.

In the end, can even create a new offer to keep the conversation going. Perhaps you give them a coupon code, you share other courses or resources that you have. You can also just thank them, plain and simple.

Create a final email to reach back out to them a month later to see how they liked the class and you could even provide a survey for feedback.

Example drip campaigns for courses.

If you would like to see how a drip campaign works, you can take the course “7 Days of Healing Trauma” from Create For Healing that we created by signing up to this quick contact form. You will receive 7 days of emails to see how a course drip campaign in action. 

Use popups to help create engagement (do it sparingly).

For example, I use popups on my blog to encourage people to join my newsletter.

On your blog or website, a popup window is an excellent way to ask readers to join your mailing list. In fact, popups appear so frequently on the internet that some people have begun disabling them by default in their browsers.

You can use popups on your website to encourage people to subscribe and even add specific preferences of their own: “Do you want weekly emails? Daily emails? Only news updates? Sign up now!”

You can then send out a series of email newsletters that are tailored specifically to each reader based on the information they gave when signing up for your list.

This personalization is key because it helps build trust with potential customers who may be wary about handing over their contact information (and possibly buying something).

Popup example from Search Engine Journal

Podcast audio and show note integration from your podcast hosting site.

If you run a podcast, you know you need to host your podcast off your website. If you are new to podcasting you might not know this.

Hosting your podcast on a platform like Buzzsprout (which we use for the Rise Above Be Visible) or Podbean will help your website run faster and keep its performance high.

If you host the audio on your site the audio files are large and as people steam it will take enormous amounts of resources from your website and will run slow.

Another amazing automation is creating a connection from your podcast hosting site so it automatically posts the audio and show notes right to your website.

These integrations can be done if you are using WordPress with a secure plugin. Make sure to choose a safe and secure WordPress plugin because a choosing bad plugin can destroy your website

As for another builder website, I am sure there are possibilities, but we don’t handle those types of integrations at this time.

It’s simple, easy, and seamless and can help you create a solid blog and podcasting connection without having to create a new blog every time you create a podcast and upload it to your host.

We also suggest adding your podcast to as many directories as you can and learn more here about how podcasting can help your business.

Podcast Show Notes Page Entrepreneur On Fire


Luckily, there are ways to automate some of the work that we need to do as a business which can free up time, create quality connections and just improve the operations of any business.

It might take some time to get those automations up and running and integrated, but the work is worth it in the long run.

Plus, creating quality connections is so important as a business and we want to help you keep your patrons connected.

Aunia Kahn, Rise Visible CEO

Aunia Kahn is the CEO of Rise Visible. With 24 years in the industry, she is a highly sought-after digital marketer, strategist, designer and public speaker. Rise Visible was named a Top-Ranking Woman-Owned Digital Agency by Clutch and is a certified Disability-Owned Business Enterprises (DOBE®). Kahn is also an internationally renowned artist and photographer and has been in over 300 exhibitions in 10 countries; at places such as SDAI, iMOCA, and the SLAM. She founded Create for Healing, is the host of the Rise Above Be Visible Podcast and a contributing writer for Better Marketing and Just Creative. She been featured on Yahoo, Prevention Magazine, Authority Magazine and Entrepreneur on Fire. She also identified as a disabled business owner in STEM surviving and thriving with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (Type 3), MCAS, Dysautonomia, POTS, PTSD, etc.


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