Save Money By Canceling Linktree And Easily Make Your Own

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We are always looking for ways to make things easier for our brand as well as cut out extra expenses. One of those steps involved canceling our Linktree account and creating a free version on our own website.

Although you can get a FREE version of Linktree, you won’t get to customize it or gather analytics and insights from visitors. Those options are important and only come in the paid version.

We also know that Linktree does not cost an arm and a leg, but as any good business owner saving even $1 is good business and can add up over time. So let’s save some cash!

If you have a website, you don’t need a Linktree.

We found a workaround that anyone with a website can do to save some money. It does not matter if your website is hosted on WordPress, Wix, Weebly, or Squarespace – this workaround works on any platform.

Our workaround is cost-effective, plus it leads traffic right back to your site, not a third-party website Linktree. More traffic directly to your website is good for SEO. SEO is good for business and since SEO takes a lot of hard work – helping it along in any way possible is a win-win.

What is Linktree?

If you are reading this it is my guess that you already know what Linktree is, but if you don’t here is a quick rundown and example of what Linktree does.

Linktree is a website that helps people and businesses create a central hub landing page with clickable icons, images, and words that direct visitors to multiple links such as their website, social media profiles, newsletter sign-up, e-commerce pages, workshops, courses, and blogs.

Create your own Linktree with these 6 steps.

Step 1: Create and name a new website page.

First, you will need to create a new page on your website and make the link easy to remember for you and your visitors. Our website page link is You can use things like “find us”, “our links”, “get in touch”, etc.” There is no limit to what you use, but try to come up with something unique.

Step 2: Where are you linking to?

Decide on the pages, websites, and important things you are wanting to link to. Perhaps your social media, blogs, a specific blog post, freebie, giveaway, store, product, etc. You can have as many as you link, but don’t add too many that it may overwhelm people. For us, we had about 10 offerings on our original page.

Step 3 Choose a top image.

Just link the original Linktree landing pages or ones made by their various competitors like: SeedProd, Taplink, and Everlinks most pages look the same. They have a top image, a description, and then links. So first choose an image that you feel best represents your brand. Add that to the top of the page, Make sure it is small and not overbearing.

Step 4: Add a description.

Next, add a short description. As you can see above ours says “RISE ABOVE BE VISIBLE | Grow Your Brand | Connect To Learn How”. Choose something simple and to the point. Don’t make it too long as you really want people just to start clicking on links not getting caught up in a novella.

Step 5: Background color and fonts.

This is all you! Either you or your website designer can design the page. You will choose the background color and fonts. It is good to keep it with your already branded colors and fonts, but you also have the freedom to wave your freak flag if you wish. Remember this is your brand or business and it really depends on how you want to be perceived.

Step 6: Choose a link design.

You can make links from text or from buttons and this will depend on what platform you are building this on for what choices you have. Once you are done creating all your links or buttons you will link those to their appropriate place and you are done! Use this on Instagram and other places as your master link with all the important things about you and your brand.

How will it look?

Of course, you want to know what it might look like before you get started. We got you covered. Below is what ours look like on the desktop and on the phone. It does not look that much different that the original on Linktree, but to be honest I like it better than Linktree visually.  

Plus anytime someone clicks your link it goes right to your website, driving a larger amount of traffic right where it should go!

You can also view it by clicking this link and taking a peek.

Example Website Landing Page on Phone

Example Website Landing Page on Desktop


Although Linktree is a good service we are always looking for alternatives to save money and make things easier on our clients and people we know. This is a great way to cut some cost, drive traffic back to your website exclusively and have more control over the design.

If you decide to do it, share you link with us in the comments!

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