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Why Are Quality Websites So Important?

What Is A Quality Website? In this episode, we discuss why quality websites are so important for success in connecting with clients and customers. This is where the business or service meets design to create the most impact of the website.Before we begin with what...

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5 Tips to Help Your Business Adapt and Succeed

Adapt and Succeed Right Now! In this episode, we discuss ‘5 Tips You Can Utilize Right Now to Help Your Business Adapt & Succeed’. To adapt to an ever-changing business environment, noticing the signals of change is key. In these 5 key steps to adapt and...

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7 Key Elements for an Effective Homepage

7 Key Elements: We examine in this episode, the 7 key design elements for an effective homepage. The homepage is the most important page of your site. As a general rule, you have 3 seconds for your homepage to connect with the visitor to keep them on your site...

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batch Scheduling Social media Posts kills reach

Native vs. Batch Scheduling In this episode, we explore the misunderstood concept of how batch scheduling vs posting natively can affect your organic reach and affect the effectiveness of your content. We have a few suggestions and tips to help maintain that...

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What Is Branding and Does It Really Matter?

Branding is more than logos... In this episode, we discuss what branding is and what it is not, as well as why branding even matters. Generally, people associate branding with primarily logos and websites, but it is going far beyond that on many levels. If this...

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4 Key Steps To Starting A Website

In this podcast, I discuss the basics around domain names (URLs) and hosting, as well as touch base on SSLs and backups. If you are looking to create a website or needing to revamp an existing one, we will discuss the job of and effectiveness of domain names. We...

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I Was Not Always A Proud Disabled Business Owner

I am a proud disabled business owner. However, I have not always been. Being a bubble girl is not a badge of honor I wanted to wear. To be frank, I found my disability shameful and embarrassing and wanted to hide it. I desired to be seen as a whole person and not...


The Most Overlooked Social Network for Business

Marketing for Business Don’t miss out on marketing on Linkedin. Linkedin has become one of the best places for small businesses to gather, promote, and connect recently. Over the years, people have spent more time focusing on Facebook and other social networks than...

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Why Your Site Needs A SSL To Be Safe And Secure

Insecure Website The word SSL gets thrown around a lot in relation to websites, but not a lot of people know what it is or why it is important. I felt this was a good topic because I go to great websites for great companies and I am always a little shocked to see...

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8 Easy Passive Income Ideas For Your Business

Passive Income In this article, I will explain what passive income is and 8 ways that you business can build extra income while your sleep. We have all heard about passive income as a term being spoken about more frequently due in part to the dramatic change in how...

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