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Asian child dressed in a suit holding a red down arrow looking stressed

21 Recession Proof Tips To Help Your Business

Recessions come and go, but when you are a small business already in a deficit by Covid and the toll that took, it’s time to start planning your strategies now. According to the National Bureau...

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If You Get Negative Reviews, Be Grateful

The Negative Impact Like many others, I've struggled with weight issues my entire life. You name the diet, I've tried it: low carb, no carb, counting calories, etc. I've had varying degrees of...

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Three young people waiting to order in front of a food truck.

Customer Service: It’s All About People

Before I get to the subject of this blog – customer service – I feel I owe you something of an introduction. After all, if I were you, I’d already be asking myself: Who is this guy? What...

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