Protect Your Instagram Images and Reels From Being Remixed


Anyone Can Remix Your Instagram Reels

Many content creators want to retain control of the video and image content they create. With Instagram launching the ability to “Remix” Reels and other videos from other creators – this can create a sticky situation for those that don’t want people using their content.

In this section, we are going to focus on videos and Reels which have been a part of the new Remixing feature for some time, however, we will also talk about image remixing as that just rolled out in mid-2022.

According to Instagram Head of Product Vishal Shah, the feature is meant as a way for people to “interact with and show each other love on Instagram while still giving proper credit to everyone involved in the creative process.”

This offers more ways for creators to “reimagine their content” and collaborate with others.

How Does Instagram Reels Remixing Work?

The feature is available now in the latest version of the app, as well as on the web, desktop, and mobile versions of IGTV. Remixing is also available to all Instagram’s 2 million creators around the world, unless you change your content remix settings.

You can Remix any public video, not just the ones in your Reels. This means that you’ll be able to share videos and photos through the Remix button.

Remix features include adding you own text, stickers, original audio, and more to another user’s original video before posting it on their own profile for their followers.

Remixes can also be posted directly into Instagram Stories or as a standalone post in feeds (the latter option will show up as “Remix by [creator name]”).

They’re currently limited to five seconds or less long. We imagine that time restriction could change over time as more people get used to reposting content from other sources online (especially those from creators they admire).

If a video gets remixed, it will appear on the original creator’s profile automatically. However, only the owner can delete that Remix on their profile.

The person who made the Remix will have access to analytics for their remixed video; they can decide whether or not they want others to also Remix their remixed video.

Remixes are public by default, but creators can change their settings so that only approved followers can see them. You may not be able to see a specific Remix unless you are following its creator (and vice versa)

Now Anyone Can Remix And Add Your Images To Reels

According to Devi Narasimhan, a Meta spokesperson, Remixing will be automatically turned on by default but users will have the option to turn off Remixing on individual photos or at a global level through the settings menu.

Sometime in 2022, Instagram will be introducing another new feature that allows anyone on the platform to Remix your new photos and add them to Reels. By default, Remixing will be turned on, but you can opt out by turning off Remixing in your settings (we will show you how as soon as it is released).

The change is meant to provide more content for Reels creators to work with as the company goes all in on short-form video in the hopes of keeping up with its explosively popular competitor’s feature TikTok duets.

The good news is that all content created before the release of this new feature will have Remixing automatically turned off, if I want your content Remixed – don’t forget to turn it back on. This will also apply to videos and Reels created before that new feature released.

Things To Keep In Mind According to Instagram

  • You’ll receive a notification if a public account remixes your Reel or feed video.
  • Remixes will be deleted if you set your account to private for longer than 24 hours.
  • Remix creators can download your Reel or feed video as part of their remix. You can’t download remixes of your Reels. You can’t download remixes others have created with your reel or feed video.
  • If you turn off remixing, remixes of your Reels and feed videos created before you changed your setting will stay on Instagram unless you delete your Reel or delete your feed video.
  • If you restore a video you’ve deleted within 30 days, all the remixes of your video will also be restored.
  • Deleting your Reel will also delete remixes created with your Reel.

Do You Like The Idea Of Your Reels Being Remixed?

To Remix a video, you’ll have to find one that was posted by someone else on Instagram or Facebook and add your own take on the clip by adding text or stickers across it.

You can also change the speed of your Remixed version if you want something more dramatic than what was originally shared with you (we’d recommend doing this). As we mentioned before, creators can add their own branded text, stickers, and more to another user’s original video.

This process works different on facebook than Instagram. You’ll need to check out “Remixes” from within Stories because this is where new remixes are being shared at first; it won’t be added into your feed until later that day when everything goes live for everyone else.”

How to Remix An Instagram Reel

Tap the three dots on any public video to choose “Remix this video.” You can then record or upload a video from your camera roll to be Remixed with their content. You don’t have to Remix their whole video, you can do even a small part that is relevant to your Remixed response.

Once you’re done, it will appear anywhere you share your Reels as well as appearing on the original content creators page, but they can delete it.

The Challenges of Remixing Creative Content

Photographers, videographers, and artists have long been critical of how Instagram manages photos and videos, so these changes probably won’t help the platform’s reputation in the creative community.

Just like every feature on any social media platform, there will be those that either love it or hate it. There will also be those that have no idea what is even happening, leaving them vulnerable to content being used in ways that might not be the best for their bottom line.

When putting content out on the internet, especially on social media we have to understand that there is always an opportunity it is going to be stolen, reappropriated, and distributed in ways that we might find offensive. This is the risk you take by putting something out in the public.

The best thing you can do is to decide what is right for you and take the appropriate actions to protect and distribute your content.

If the idea of someone Remixing your Reels, Instagram video, or images and putting their own content, words, stickers, or voice-over original content stress you out, then we have a solution for you!

Stop Reels From Being Remixed

As much as some users love this feature and it can be a boon to Instagram users, companies, small businesses and public figures, not everyone wants this option for their content. If you don’t want your Reels Remixed, follow the steps below to opt-out.

You can turn off each Reel one at a time so you can pick and choose what you want to be Remixed or not. You can also opt out in totality by visiting the “Reels and Remix Controls” setting, which now allows you to toggle on or off remixes for both reels and feed videos. Images below to help guide you through the process.

Stop Images From Being Remixed

Additionally, if you don’t want your photos remixed you can turn photos off one by one. There does not seem to be a global setting released yet. As soon as that is released we will add those steps here!

Protecting Your Content

As digital marketers, we love social media platforms, Instagram, and the new features that each platform releases. New features being released greatly impact content creators. Knowing this, we want to provide tools to help you make appropriate choices for what is good for your content and account.