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The need for pest control is something that happens to the best of us. Whether it is teremites, wasps, fleas or ants – no one should have to live uncomfortable. We designed this website and brand to create a sense of security and calm. 


Total Pest Control


Brand + Website


Pest Control

Logo & Branding

Total Pest Control’s original logo was a stop sign with dark black letters. It was an original idea created by the owner. We built on his original idea, and used a badge as a recognizable and trusted symbol. We felt this helped the company look like it was holding a badge of great work and authority. The original logo felt like it might create distance with potential customers. We used the same red an an accent across the entire site. By taking the original logo and colors, a branding upgrade of color and imagery complimented the company message of community service values.

Website Development & Design

Total Pest Control is small locally owned and operated, licensed and insured pest control company in Oregon. The design of their website is focused in creating a safe and calm feeling. When people are dealing with a pest invasion it can be an absolute nightmare. We used calm images, no obvious images of scary pests. We used red as an action color and a muted warmer blue to help balance the overall feeling of calm.

Website Features

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