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Happy & Fun

Flowers make everyone happy! Flowers can be given for a special occasion, to help easy pain, to bring joy and you can even buy them just for yourself! The Happy Hill Homestead is a flower farm bringing joy to their customers daily!


The Happy Hill Homestead


Branding + Website


Flower Shop

Logo & Branding

We created The Happy Hill Homestead logo inspired by joy and fun, plus a little retro touch highlighted with multi-color delights. The logo was created round to emulate a sense of community and seasonal cycles.

Website Development & Design

This is the most colorful and joyful site that we have ever created and it was such a fun project. Cindy Ingram, who also owns Pacific Pub Cycle started this business with the love of nature and farming but also because she loves to make people feel happy. The site was designed to showcase her beautiful seasonal blooms, inclusivity and and easy to use e-commerce site where you can easily purchase flower buckets.

We also enjoyed adding shapes and elements that gave the website a feeling of life and movement as well as using every color in the rainbow.

Website Features

CRM WordPress

Content Writing

Content Optimization

On Page SEO

Platform: WordPress

Responsive Design



Newsletter Sign Up Form


TikTok Integration

Contact Form

Label Design

Photography: Dominick Barbero

Paul Messink glass sculptor testimonial headshot.

I have had the pleasure of working with Aunia on two separate businesses. She updated one website which I love. She also created a beautiful new logo and another website. I found her to be easy to work with and affordable. I highly recommend.

Cindy Ingram

CEO – The Happy Hill Homestead, Pacific Pub Cycle

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