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Good Life

As we get older, and we all do – there are resources that make our lives a little easier. This branding and website project for Becker Benefits & Senior Planning helped the company portray it’s passion and resources.


Becker Benefits & Senior Planning


Brand + Website


Senior Planning

Logo & Branding

The Becker Benefits and Senior Planning logo was designed to move away from conventional or traditional logos we see with senior services. Our client wanted a logo that was more modern, fun and had a bit of personality that was outside of the box.

Website Development & Design

The Becker Benefits and Senior Planning website was designed to be easy to navigate and use for anyone. It is a single page website with a simple and straightforward design that removes the complexity that many websites have when dealing with senior services such as Medicare, dental, and vision plans. These types of services can be confusing to just about anyone. We worked with our client to provide clear and concise information about their services and how to schedule a consultation within a comfortable and informative website.

Website Features

CRM WordPress

Content Writing


Content Optimization

Platform: WordPress

Responsive Design



Contact Form

Black and white headshot photo of Tara Becker.

Working with Aunia to create both a brand/logo and website to make myself really “official” however was the easy part and a pleasure. From her patience with me as we worked through several logo designs and collaborated on color schemes, was invaluable as a new business owner. She truly tapped into making the finished product a transformation of the “look” for my business I had envisioned I am excited to continue to work with her on an ongoing basis and with upcoming projects and would recommend her to anybody looking for a patient, open minded marketing partner. She really is the best!

Tara Becker

CEO – Becker Benefits & Senior Planning

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