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Our Client Hits $7,700 Crowdfunding Campaign Goal Backed By Our Marketing Expertise

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Marketing Goal & Crowdfunding Campaign Funded

We are excited to announce that our longtime client, Elizabeth Russell of Eugene, Oregon hit her 2023 crowdfunding goal for Dreamfruit 2023 planner. Dreamfruit has been self-funded and bootstrapped since 2019, but this year we partnered together to embark on a different approach.

Anytime a person or brand moves into the space of crowdfunding, it takes a lot of work, planning and passion behind the project to create the excitement needed to get a project funded – no matter how amazing the project is.

We were able to do that together!

Our Role On The Project

Rise Visible provided the measurable goals, long-term marketing strategy, product photography, videography, social media, and email marketing throughout the campaign. The campaign ran for 45 days with a goal of $6,500 but we exceeded the goal and raised $7,700.

We are so excited for Elizabeth! Congrats on your project’s success!

Dreamfruit planner close up image on white background.

What is Dreamfruit?

Dreamfruit is a personal planner and magical moon book on a mission to activate creative responses to the changes & challenges of our time.

The Campaign Call to Action

Until now, this unique planner has been a self-funded labor of love. As printing, paper, shipping, and production costs have steadily increased in recent years, we’ve been called to reimagine ways in which the world of Dreamfruit can thrive and grow.

The first-level campaign goal of $6500 will ensure that basic production costs for Dreamfuit are covered, and that the whole creative team that brings it to life is properly compensated.

Case Study

For this crowdfunding campaign, we also have an in-depth case study on our website where you can review all of the marketing collateral that we designed for the project and explore the Dreamfruit planner.

If you would like to learn about Elizabeth Russell and Dreamfruit head to as well as take a peek at the successful Indiegogo Campaign.

Close up green page from Dreamfruit planner against nature background and sunlight.

Crowdfunding is hard work but worth it.

Crowdfunding campaigns can reach more successful heights with a quality and well-thought-out marketing campaign that is executed well.

Understand, that we understand not everyone can pay a marketing specialist like us to help them – however, that does not mean you can’t read up and do a bunch of research and learn to do a pretty good job on your own!

We know many people and businesses personally that have had successful crowdfunding campaigns without the help of a marketing specialist.

We can help – reach out.

So don’t get discouraged if you have an idea – go for it! Anything is possible.

We are always here to help, but we want to encourage people – no matter the budget or no budget at all that there are free resources to help you have a successful crowdfunding campaign. Google is your best friend, you can find the answer to almost anything!

If you have questions or need help, get in touch.


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