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Email Marketing

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Email Marketing is a powerful channel that can scale your growth if done correctly. Generate authentic leads and increase revenue

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Your email list is yours so won't have to fight the algorithms.

Email marketing a superior way to market.

Email marketing is one of the only digital marketing channels that provides you total control of your communications with your clients or customers. Unlike social media, where you have to master the algorithms to connect with your audience, your email list gives you 100% access anytime and it is entirely yours.

Using email marketing allows you to regularly stay in touch with customers and website visitors. Proven buyers also appreciate being kept up-to-date with the latest products and promos. Studies show it costs five times more to acquire a new customer compared to retaining an existing customer.

Increased ROI

Email is a more personalized and digestible medium, requiring less effort and thought than social media. This leads to a higher ROI for your email marketing strategy – which means more conversions for your business.

For every $1 that is spent on email marketing, there is a $36 return. Over time the ROI increases as you create and gain loyal customers who look forward to you email campaigns.

4.26 billion people use email every day.

This large number of active daily uses it not matched by any other platform. 

Customer Experience

The customer experience is critical in the email marketing space. If a customer clicks on your email, opens it and doesn’t find what they’re looking for, they’ll move on quickly. Your product or service offering is one thing, but it must be supported by an email marketing strategy that directs users through the process of converting their “research time” into actual orders. Your email marketing efforts need to now focus on the customer experience, just like your website. This means a better approach from creation, through design and development, all the way through to delivery. Ensuring that your emails are designed and created for your customer demographics in mind, breaking out your efforts to meet each different groups needs, is essential to growing trust in the brand and driving sales.

What’s Included?

Design & Layout

Marketing Copy

Campaign Graphics

Simple Automations

Complext Automations

Website Sign Up Forms

Popup Forms

A/B Testing

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