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Purple graphic with ChatGPT logo with white text that reads: How To Use Chat GPT for Social Media Content.

How To Use ChatGPT For Social Media Content

Between small robots on wheels delivering food, cars that plug-in and phones that have become our third limb, we are really catching up to The Jetsons. The newest tech breakthrough to hit the scene (and cause a bit of a scene) is a chatbot called ChatGPT. If you...

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Blue Meta logo on blue background with text overlay that reads: Get Meta Verified.

How To Get Meta Verified for Facebook and Instagram

Meta's Mark Zuckerberg announced the launch of a new feature called "Meta Verified" on February 19, 2023 for both Facebook and Instagram. Meta Verified is a paid verification service that is a way for users to verify their identity on the platform and showcase a...

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Create Your Own Free Instagram Link Page

 We are always looking for ways to make things easier for our brand as well as cut out extra expenses. One of those steps involved canceling our Linktree or other link page alternatives and creating a free version on our own website. Although you can get usually...

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A young black woman holdding a large heart emoji style sign smiles while holding a mobile phone with white text overlay that reads: 10 alternative to social media marketing.

8 Alternatives to Social Media Marketing

Many small businesses are struggling with their social media marketing and it is exhausting. Whether you build your own content and campaigns or are paying someone to do it for you, I can imagine you feel the uphill battle. Social media marketing is a lot like the...

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