Canva Releases New AI Powered Design Tools

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Canva has continued to evolve and enhance its artificial intelligence (AI) features to make design creation easier and more accessible for everyone.

With the announcement of additions and improvements to Canva tools on March 23, 2023. We will take a look at what these tools are and how they can benefit both your professional and personal needs.

Here is a breakdown of each AI feature in Canva and what it does:

Magic Design

Magic Design is a new tool that allows more freedom and creativity with designs. This new tool allows the designer to create a full set of designs, presentations, and much more by just describing to the AI what you want.

This creates customized templates based on specific necessities in a blink of an eye. The most beneficial aspects of this tool are having a design companion at your fingertips and saving time through template search and creation.

The simplicity of dragging an image in prompts the Magic Design tool to find the perfect match that correlates with style and branding as well.


This tool allows the ability to freely draw through Canva’s platform. The option to use Canva’s Whiteboard feature like a real whiteboard presents various options in pen type, color, and style as far as your creativity can expand it.

Another option to utilize drawing is through Canva’s Shape Assist feature which can clean up the sketches of your drawing across the Canva platform. Adding to images and even note taking become simplified and quick through this feature.

Magic Write

The Magic Write Tool has existed but only on docs options. Now you can use it all around the Canva platform where it can help you improve your copywriting with just a click.

Simply put, Magic Write allows writing to be put into words in a more expansive way that you may not be able to at a much quicker pace and in 21 different languages.

The extra benefit of this tool is that it can be used across the entire Canva platform. The limitation to being used only in Canva Docs is no more and you can clean up grammar, expand upon the content text and so much more.


Currently, Translate on Canva works on all design aspects except docs.

On the Translate app that appears on the left sidebar:

1. Enter the target language (you will have over 100 hundred languages to choose from).

2. Add the page and design you want to be translated.

3. Then, click Translate for the AI translator tool to start the translation process.

Instantly you now have your font text adjusted and any further adjustments with size and format can be fixed in settings.

Text to Image

Create unique images based on your description to show exactly what you want to communicate. In seconds, type a description of what you’re looking for and watch the text transform into imagery.

Text to Image is a feature where your imagination turns text into a photo, 3D image, or other graphics by following these five steps:

1. On the editor side panel on the left, click Apps.
2. Under Create Something New, click Text to Image.
3. Enter a text description of the image you wish to create with as much detail as you can.
4. Choose a Style and Aspect Ratio.
5. Click Generate Image.

Magic Edit

The Magic Edit feature is where you can remove unwanted areas and add new things to your images. The way these work is by using a brush tool that is similar to what you may find in Photoshop with a lot more ease of use.

Simply and easily brush over the area you wish to change, type in the text box that you would like to add in the brushed area, and click Generate.


The animation abilities in Canva have now expanded to include 3D and other adjustments. You will find the speed of creation, movement, and quality of animation has improved.

You can apply everything from instant animation movements in different styles to level up your social posts, presentations, or customized Gif or video formats.

Beat Sync

With video becoming essential in communicating design across various social media platforms, the Beat Sync feature makes it so anyone can excel in audio and video.

A wide array of choices in this feature will help you easily add music edited to your specifications to your designs. Sync music and manually mark beats timed to perfection for a greater impact perfect for Instagram Reels or TikTok.

Brand Hub

The Brand Hub has also recently been updated to perform much easier.
The essence of utilizing the Brand Hub is to simplify how creating social media content, brand kit management, team sharing, and other designs are used.

New key feature updates are 3-step brand kit creation, quicker and easier implementation of brand kits into designs, and speed up the process for brand guidelines for you or your team!

Bulk Create

Creating different versions of a design, specifically when designing print media such as business cards, invitations, labels, or designs with minimal changes needed.

Bulk Create is a quick and simple feature with these 3 steps:

1. Select a template or design for bulk creation.
2. From the editor left side panel, select Apps.
3. Under More from Canva, click Bulk Create.
…and done!


Canva’s AI features offer numerous benefits to both free and pro members. These features can help users save time and create more professional-looking designs without the need for advanced design skills.

Canva’s AI features offer numerous benefits to both free and pro members, allowing users to create more professional-looking designs in less time.

There are plenty of benefits with free membership yet, the pro membership offers additional features and tools, making it a great option for those who require more advanced design capabilities or who need to create designs on a regular basis with the assistance of AI in personal and professional design.

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