Can I Point Multiple Domains to a Single Website To Improve SEO?


I have multiple domain names and want to have them all pointed to my main domain name (URL). Can you help me? – Anonymous

Having multiple URLs pointing to one website or having multiple websites for your business does not improve your SEO or ranking on search engines.

It also can also make your website user experience challenging which is also a ranking factor for SEO.

Learn how to avoid this problem and how to fix it if it happens to you.

Having numerous domain names was a commonplace practice.

It was a common practice years ago for businesses to grab as many URLs as they could for their company. Grabbing not only the .com, but the .net or name variations so that other people or competitors would not be able to steal them was standard practice.

The idea here was that the more extensions (.com. net, .io) and the more domain names you have pointing to the same place – the better your traffic will be.

Sites that have multiple domains, subdomains, subdirectories, duplicate pages or numerous 301 redirects create duplicate content and is not a helpful approach to improving your SEO.

It’s okay to grab various domain names.

Although the idea is archaic people are still using this tactic.

Again this was something a year ago that “kinda worked” but over the years this is something that is going against anything positive for SEO ranking with Google.

Remember, Google wants you to have one-of-a-kind original content that is helpful. Google suggests that your pieces of content follow Google’s E-A-T formula.

Although it is great to snag up those domain names and variations, what is not good is using them all to point to one website or to have various websites for one business.

What we mean by that is that there are no issues buying up domain names with various extensions or variations of your business like we have.

We have shared some examples of what we mean below.

Various Domain Name Extensions Examples

Various Domain Name Versions Example

Keep URLs away from your competitors.

The issue comes when you point them all to one place or you build more than one website for the same business using various names.

As a business, we own all the URLs above, but they just sit on our hosting platform.

We own them so no one can take them, but never intend to use them due to the issues we have mentioned in this article.

Suggestion for names to snag so your competitors don’t get them.


  • Nouns: If your domain name can exist as a singular or plural form, get both. For example, a lawncare business might be called but it is a good idea to get
  • Extensions: Also it is a good idea to at least acquire the .net and we also suggest the .co. However, don’t get crazy and get too many of them. Most extensions no one even knows about. Just get the common ones.
  • Misspellings: Grab the common misspelling of your name. For us people spell “visible” sometimes with an “a” – “visable”. Phonetically you can hear the “a” but it is actually an “i”. We own (the misspelling).
  • The Typical Spelling: If you spell your business name strange (unique), get the more common version of the spelling too. So your competitors don’t do what this company did below to their competitor.

Don’t let you competitors take a domain name that will drive traffic away from you.

In the image below you will see that a company had noticed that a competitor did NOT purchase the domain name associated with the “typical spelling” of their business name.

They just purchased the unique one spelling that most people might not catch.

In this, they lost an opportunity to redirect traffic to their site by having both spellings of their name. Both the common and unique version (the version they use as their business name).

When you type in the typical spelling of their name and how it sounds when it is said out loud, you are taken to a site made by their competitors with the message below on their home landing page.

It is actually great marketing. Although we don’t know the company or if they even do good work, this marketing tactic was solid and on point.

Graphic with text explaining the Google acronym E.A.T.

Why duplicate content does not work.

What is happening essentially is that you are creating duplicate content which is not favored by Google.

Google does not like duplicate content when it comes to pointing numerous domain names to one website or even duplicate content on a single site.

For example on your website, you do not want to have any pages that are the same and have the same wording or Google will choose only one to focus on and all the others get ignored.

If you use too much duplicate content, Google will ignore your site altogether which is bad news for your business.

What does Google say about Duplicate Content?

It is always great to hear it right from the source. Google is not going to banish your site on certain types of duplicate content but there are types that are not favored and here is what they have to say about it.

According to Google, there are no “duplicate content penalties’ that they call out.

However, when we are trying to rank a website on Google it is important to worry about serious penalties, but most often it is about following Google’s Best Practices to help us with ranking better on the SERPs.

Read Google’s explanation of Duplicate Content.

Even if you are doing all the “bad things”

It is important to remember that there is not one single thing that Google says is the be all end all of how a website ranks.

Google takes into consideration many factors and duplicate content, duplicate URL and duplicate websites are just one of many things that affect SEO.

SEO is a long game – there is a lot to it.

It is important to remember that there are a lot of factors to consider when improving your SEO and this is just one of them.

All the ranking factors make me tired.

We get that. Keeping up with SEO and what Google’s best practices and algorithms are doing can be exhausting.

Side Note: Social media algorithms are exhausting to keep up with too.
It seems like Google’s best practices and algorithms are changing every day and that you just have to keep jumping through hoops.

The true idea of what Google is trying to do is not to make businesses like yours exhausted and make SEO experts have to keep up and be experts on all the changes and updates.

The pure goal of Google’s updates and algorithm changes is to keep their search engine giving the “searcher” what it wants as quickly as well as trying to stop and penalize those that manipulate the system with Black Hat SEO strategies.

What can I do to rank better?

The best thing one can do is to create content that is not duplicate but original.

Creating content that is not made to improve SEO but to help and connect with people and just keep moving along is the best content you can have on your site. Be thoughtful, helpful, and knowledgeable. Follow Google’s E-A-T.

SEO is an ever-moving target that no one masters – not even us!
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