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Red and orange gradated background with first, second, and third place trophies in the foreground with overlaid text that reads:Avoid Vanity Business Award Scams

Vanity Business Awards: Watch Out For These Scams

Vanity award scams are everywhere and they prey on people and businesses that might not know any better. If you get this type of email or message, we encourage you to use caution. Below we share a couple examples as well as tips on how to spot vanity award...

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Laptop computer, eyeglasses and a pen on a bright orange desktop with white text overlay that reads: Google targets Spam and Low Quality Content.

Google Aims To Stop Spammy And Junk Pages In Search

As website developers, SEO experts, and digital marketers, we've witnessed the frustrating battle against spammy and low-quality content on search engines. Despite our efforts to produce valuable and original content, we often find ourselves overshadowed by...

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